Tia Mowry Reveals One Of Her Biggest Concerns As A Black Parent

"It’s hard to face that reality,” she said.
The actress says she worries about raising her black son.
The actress says she worries about raising her black son.

In a new interview with, Tia Mowry expressed one of her greatest fears about raising her son, Cree, in America. Mowry told the site that the string of police shootings in recent months has also led to an ongoing discussion with her husband, Cory Hardrict.

“I’m a huge advocate about Black Lives Matter and for a while, I had a hard time sleeping,” she said. “I have a son who is black and who is going to be growing up in a society such as this. It’s a conversation that I have with my husband all the time about, what are we going to tell Cree? What are we going to say to him so that he is not put in any circumstance with what’s going on? And it’s hard. It’s hard to face that reality.”

Mowry added that she encourages her son to educate himself and always take necessary precautions.

“It’s having the conversation and talking to them about the reality of the situation, because when you don’t look at the reality, then you’ll end up doing something and you’ll find yourself being mistreated,” the actress noted. 

Mowry credits social media as a powerful tool to help highlight the issues affecting local communities.

“Thank God that we do live in a society where women and just people in general can have the freedom of speech. That we can say, ‘This is wrong. This is not cool,’” she said. “No matter what we’re talking about. Like I said, whether it’s about what happened in Orlando with the shootings and what’s going on with the Black Lives Matter, I am happy that we do have social media where we can expose prejudices and things that are wrong, and we can create a community to have a voice.”

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