Tia Mowry Reveals How She Prepared For Her Lesbian 'Rosewood' Role

"There is no difference."

"Sister, Sister" star Tia Mowry opened up about tackling the recurring character, Cassie, who happens to be a lesbian, in the hit Fox series, "Rosewood."

When it came to inhabiting the role, Mowry, 37, told HuffPost Live that she concentrated more on the fact that Cassie had been a homeless teen rather than the character's sexuality. 

"I just started to think about the time that volunteered at a homeless shelter years ago when I was in college. The homeless shelter had teens there," she said. "I just remembered their experience and what they were going through, what their needs were, what their expectations were." 

As for the lesbian aspect, Mowry said she simply took the advice of her gay friends.

"They were like, 'Tia, just be yourself. Just be your charismatic self,'" she said. "There is no difference." 

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