Tibetan Mastiff Craze Sweeps China (PHOTOS)

The Tibetan mastiff is not only an ancient dog with a rich history, dating back to nomad times in Central Asia, it's a modern-day craze in China.

The special breed of dog is becoming more and more popular across China, but besides popularity, it's associated with affluence. A Tibetan mastiff costs upwards of $600,000, per MSNBC.

The Tibetan mastiff has literally become a status symbol, NPR reports. Not jewelry, not cars, but Chinese millionaires have their eyes on the dog.

In fact, it is viewed as a holy animal, and legend has it that Tibetan mastiffs provide their owners with a blessing to their health and security.

The breed is commonly identified as independent and intelligent, and protective of its owners and their property.

Along with the widespread praise, Tibetan mastiff dog shows are frequently held in China. Take a look at some pictures from recent shows and vote on your favorite.

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