Tide Commercial Reminds Us That Girls Are Supposed To Wear Pink (VIDEO, POLL)

WATCH: Tide Ad Reminds Us That Girls Are Supposed To Wear Pink

From Jezebel comes Tide's new 30-second commercial in which a cardigan-clad mother bemoans the less-than-feminine tendencies of her young daughter.

Pairing her plastered-on smile with crazy eyes, the woman relays her sad story as her daughter innocently plays with blocks: "Well, we tried the whole pink thing. Nope, all she wants to wear is hoodies, hoodies and cargo shorts...getting dirty."

The horror!

Mom's dreams were nearly fulfilled when her daughter carelessly left crayons in her pockets that then went through the wash, staining the offending garments. Alas, Tide and Tide Booster were just too tough on stains to save this mother from her worst nightmares! And the little girl's cargo shorts went unblemished.

The commercial ends with Tide's new tagline, "That's my Tide. What's yours?" -- the same phrase that finishes another, sillier Tide commercial in which a sartorially-lost wife buys her husband distressed designer jeans.

Dumb? Sure. But at least it doesn't reaffirm the most entrenched gender stereotypes around. Even little boys these days know that girls aren't the only ones who get to wear pink.


Another Tide Commercial:

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