Hey Teens, These Tide Pod Conchas Are Actually Edible

Now, please stop eating detergent.

A Texas baker is giving kids a safe alternative to a dangerous trend. 

Mexican-American baker Joe Andy García, 23, recently created a Tide Pod-inspired concha, or pan dulce, that’s decorated with an orange and blue swirl to resemble the concentrated laundry detergent packs. 

García told HuffPost he made the Tide Pod concha as an edible and safe alternative to the viral and very hazardous “Tide Pod challenge,” a YouTube dare prompting teens to take videos of themselves eating the detergent packs. Tide Pods contain toxic materials that, if ingested, can cause seizures, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma, and even death, according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers.

“You can use pictures and platforms to remind people that Tide Pods are not edible,” García said on Friday. “Eat this instead of an actual Tide Pod.” 

The San Antonio-based pastry chef bakes at home and posts his creations via Instagram. On Tuesday, García posted a picture of his Tide Pod conchas with a warning in the caption: “I’m ready for laundry day... Tide Pod any one? *Warning: Please do NOT eat tide pods, thank you*”

García said he was inspired to make the conchas after seeing pictures of cookies resembling the detergent packs on Facebook. In fact, people have posted pictures online of edible Tide Pod donuts, sushi, pizza, and candy in response to the dangerous challenge.   

García said his Tide Pod conchas have received mixed reviews, with many ordering the treats as gag gifts, and others complaining that his creations are insensitive or romanticize eating detergent. García told HuffPost he baked the conchas “as a joke.” 

He said he doesn’t support anyone eating actual Tide Pods, and thinks the idea is “stupid.” People should be “more aware of how harmful all the chemicals in Tide Pods are,” García said.