Tie-Dyed Recipes: Cakes, Cupcakes And Cookies (PHOTOS)

Forget the pot of gold, it's all about the cake.

You don't have to be a Dead Head to get down with tie dye. If you enjoy colors and like to eat sweets, rainbow recipes can fill you up with the full color spectrum. We're not talking about different colors of velvet cake or even ombre cake, but full fledged tie-dyed dessert recipes.

So put your tie-dye t-shirts aside and leave the bell bottoms in the closet; all you need are flour, butter, sugar and food coloring. It'll be the most fun you've had baking in a long time -- all the colors will come together like a "ripple in still water" -- and eating what's made won't be half bad either.

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Rainbow Tie-Dyed Sugar Cookies

Tie-Dyed Recipes

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