Tiffani Thiessen Understands The Continued Popularity Of 'Saved By The Bell' (VIDEO)

No matter how many years go by, Tiffani Thiessen will always be Kelly Kapowski from "Saved By the Bell" to many people.

Thiessen stopped by HuffPost Live and discussed the incredible staying power the series has, nearly 20 years after it first went off the air.

"I find it interesting that its had this rebirth for some odd, weird reason," she said. "I don't really know why, but I do understand. It was a show that was kind of iconic for its time. I do get that."

HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez asked Thiessen if she found the show to be like a bad ex-boyfriend. "Days it does, days it does," Thiessen admitted.

Thiessen was on NBC's "Today" earlier this week and her former "Bell" co-star Dennis Haskins stopped by for an impromptu reunion. Thiessen has been vocal about her lack of desire to do another "Saved By the Bell" reunion.

"It’s not something I want or need to do, and a few of us feel the same way," she told "Parade" in January 2012. "We’re all doing our own thing."

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