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Tiffany & Co. Files Brief In Support Of Christian Louboutin

We tend to get lost when reading legal jargon, but we put in our best effort when the case is about fashion. Case in point: the never-ending Yves Saint Laurent vs. Christian Louboutin saga, which has given the famous red soles more air time than in "Sex And The City 2."

The case started when Louboutin claimed Yves Saint Laurent was wrong in using a red sole on one of its shoe styles, arguing that it violated the brand's trademark on the red sole that it acquired in 2008.

But instead of winning the case, New York Judge Victor Marrero turned the tables on Christian Louboutin, questioning the validity of a trademarked hue.

And that has made Tiffany & Co. nervous. Women's Wear Daily reports that the famed jewelry brand has thrown in its two cents, filing a "amicus curiae" brief focusing on the ability to trademark a color. Tiffany has a stake in Louboutin's case, because if the famous red sole's signature is unprotected, Tiffany's robin's egg blue could be next.

As WWD reports, Tiffany & Co.'s brief supports Christian Louboutin’s appeal to "reverse an earlier decision that denied the brand a preliminary injunction" and seeks to back Louboutin in its quest for protected color status.

Yves Saint Laurent, we're guessing, wishes Tiffany would just mind its own beeswax.