Tiffany Discusses her Latest Tour, Debbie Gibson and Professional Wrestling

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Tiffany made a triumphant return to New York City on September 7th at the Gramercy Theatre and left the audience amazed with her talent and ability. Being one of the greatest divas to find success in the 1980s, the "I Think We're Alone Now" singer was excited to return to the city that never sleeps for her "A Million Miles" tour. "Tonight was really good. The show was awesome," she said. She continued, "Hearing everyone sing with me on songs like 'Hold An Old Friends Hand.' Every show has been different. Somebody might scream out 'Johnny's Got The Inside Moves'. We try our best. 28 years of music is hard to fit into 90 minutes. So I picked out the highlights that I thought showed off all the old albums and of course putting a focus on the new album as well. I also got to do the old school stuff too. And if I need to change it up a little bit? I do. My poor band is always on the fly. It's fun and that's what makes it spontaneous. No one has gotten the same show this entire tour. I think that's the cool thing about it and I would like to keep it going. I think tonight had some magical moments. 'Could've Been' and 'Hold An Old Friends Hand.' Just hearing everyone sing with me. 'Here In My Heart' sounded amazing. That's a song where I have to focus a little bit because it is definitely a singer's song. I'm very proud to have that in my repertoire and just kind of be able to sing it. Just to let everything go and show people how much I love to sing." Tiffany proved she loved singing that night by putting together an epic showcase that covered her entire career from her humble beginnings to the present day.

Throughout her energetic performance, Tiffany found herself going into the crowd. When asked why she did that, she told me, "I had to create the energy. I hate that hole. I like it when people are closer to me because I don't feel that gap." She smiled and went on to say, "I feel that sometimes the gap between the audience and the stage makes the energy die. So I kind of go into panic mode a little bit. I love touching people. I love shaking their hands and singing with them and being able to work with them throughout the show. So if I can't have that I really do panic a little bit. It sets me off balance." Tiffany showed no signs of panic as the audience was with her the whole night. Longtime fans of Tiffany were impressed with how effortlessly she carried herself on stage while never losing a step along the way. "I think this is so personal. It really is intimate and organic. Maybe people don't expect that from me as a performer," she told me. She went on to say, "I am kind of drawing you into my world. I am a true musician. I bring great musicians with me. We just have a blast. This show has all the polishing elements of a professional show of course but It also has the elements of what I love to do at home. Which is to jam with my musician friends and just have a good time. And to try things and have fun and cut up and just love music. So if we really feel that if the audience can be milked a little bit and have a good time, we will extend stuff on the fly. We really are creating on the spot as well as having a planned out element. That is what I love about the live aspect and that really is me as a live performer. I really like to tailor-make everything for the audience." The audience left the Gramercy Theatre that evening chatting among themselves discussing how it was one of the greatest concerts that they have ever been to.

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Tiffany has seemingly done it all. From being a megastar in the music business to a competitor on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling back in 2008. She remembered her time in the squared circle as an eyeopening experience. She told me, "The cast in itself was a lot of fun. Learning the moves and practicing was crazy. Being thrown on the floor and on the mat is something to be taken seriously. We were really learning the moves and there were times where someone did the stunt a little wrong. They felt it the next day. They feel that smack so you have to be careful. I've always been a big wrestling fan growing up. Rowdy Roddy Piper was my ultimate all time favorite wrestler. You have a newfound respect for the craft after an experience like that. There is an art to it. It really is a professional sport. Going through it I was like 'Oh, you just can't wing it.'" That wasn't the only occasion that Tiffany appeared on television. How I Met Your Mother fans still talk about the legen, wait for it, dary episode where Tiffany appeared as a backup singer in an 1980s-inspired pop star music video that starred Robin Sparkles. When recalling her cameo on the show, Tiffany laughed, "Primping my hair was something else. I wasn't thrilled about. I never looked good in primped hair but I went for it anyway. Not a good look for Tiffany."

Tiffany is in a place where things are looking good for her career. In recent years, she has become friends with one time rival Debbie Gibson. In a Huffington Post exclusive, she told me, "That's the whole thing. Now we have the Tiff Heads and the Deb Heads. We have such a fanbase together. We have really meshed our worlds together. People don't feel like they have to pick one or the other which is a nice place to be. Our fans really did embrace both of us. We are friends. Sometimes I'll throw Debbie Gibson in there when I'm talking about something because it's so natural to be honest with you. And our fans really do love us both. We've come to terms with that and we think it's pretty fabulous." In another fabulous Tiffany moment, when asked what her top five 1980s movies are, she said without missing a beat, "The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club. That's my all time favorite." Always leaving people smiling, it is no surprise why Tiffany has such devoted fans 28 years later.

Tiffany is very excited for the future. She is most likely coming to a city near you to show the world that she is still one of the best vocalists in the industry. "We are really taking on bookings until the middle of next year. It's a big year. A year and a half of live performing. I love it," she said. Confidently, she told me, "I've got a great crew of people and we are having a blast. We are reconnecting with the fans and making new fans along the way. I just love to see this new show get on its legs and get up and running. It is a turning page for me. It takes a lot of attention to sit and watch a stripped-down live performance. This tour is much more for the person who loves the entertainer part of it. You're not just going to hear a live band and retro stuff. You are going to be engaged into the music. This is groundbreaking for me because it is for people who love singer-songwriters, true performers and people who love that organic effect. That's what we are doing here. I'm excited to break that new ground."

If you want to see Tiffany break new ground, you can check out her touring schedule on her website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.