Tiffany Haddish Has Dating Tips For Guys, And None Involve Turpentine

The "Girls Trip" actress gives the definitive answer on whether men should spray cologne on their privates.

Don’t know whether to apply cologne to your privates before a romantic night out?

“Girls Trip” actress Tiffany Haddish tells men all they need to know about scented junk and more in her dating tips for GQ.

Really attentive guys are rewarded. She likes a man who is so prepared that he keeps feminine products on his person.

If my cycle started and a man had a Maxi Pad in his pocket, I would question it, but I would use that Maxi Pad,” Haddish says in the clip above, posted Monday.

The “Keanu” star also offers advice on reading body language, premature kinkiness and ghosting.

Thankfully, none of her strategies involves turpentine, which she told the men’s magazine in a lively interview that she drank as a health aid

Men ― you probably don’t want to put turpentine on your junk, either.



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