Tiffany Haddish Poops In Her Cheating Boyfriend's Sneakers

"I felt like he had poo'd on my soul so then I decided to poop in the sole of his shoes," the "Night School" star said.

Tiffany Haddish took no crap from a boyfriend who was unfaithful. So she defecated in his high-end sneakers.

In a Bleacher Report interview posted Monday (see the 8:00 mark above), the “Girls Trip” star told the Toronto Raptors’ Serge Ibaka about the time she pulled the disgusting deed on a philandering ex. And she tricked him into putting on his prized kicks before he realized what he had stepped into.

“He cheated on me on videotape on my birthday,” she said without elaborating.

“I felt like he had poo’d on my soul, so then I decided to poop in the sole of his shoes,” she continued.

Haddish, 39, has previously said she pulled the fecal retribution when she was 21.

She told Ibaka she plotted the prank beforehand, eating a distinctive food because she thought it would ensure her boyfriend would know the poop was human, and explained how she soiled the new Jordans and put them back in the box as if nothing had happened.

Then she invited him to play basketball, as they often did.

Once he placed his foot into the sneakers, Haddish said she hotfooted it out of the house, figuring he wouldn’t give chase for one important reason.

Watch her tell this amazing story of rancid revenge, above.

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