Tiffany Haddish Sets Funniest Thirst Trap For Yankees Star On 'The Late Show'

"The Kitchen" actress got an assist from host Stephen Colbert.

Tiffany Haddish took a swing at wooing a New York Yankees slugger on “The Late Show” Wednesday.

“The Kitchen” star told host Stephen Colbert that singer John Mayer recently gave her “actual” advice on getting the attention of celebrities you want to go out with:

And that is to say in interviews you’re seeing that person so news outlets will run side-by-side photos of you and your desired date. That will get the attention of the guy and perhaps generate a meeting. “The world will know that I like this person, I will know that I like this person, and it will be in his subconscious and he will attract me to him,” Haddish explained.

It turns out Haddish has a crush on a certain New York Yankees star, so Colbert helped her cause by showing side-by-side photos of the two. Way to get the ball rolling, Stephen.

Watch the video above to discover Haddish’s home run hitting object of affection.