Tiffany Haddish Explains Why, Unlike Most Celebs, She Rewears Her Clothes

She's changing up a major taboo.

When you’re a celebrity, there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way and, of course, dress a certain way. To make things even more complicated, there’s also an unwritten rule that celebrities should rarely ― if ever ― repeat an outfit. Tiffany Haddish is here to change all that.

The actress and stand-up comedian bought a $4,000 white Alexander McQueen gown early last year. Since then, she’s already worn it three times to three major events: the “Girls Trip” premiere in July 2017, her November 2017 “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig, and most recently while presenting an award at the Oscars. A taboo, by Hollywood standards.

But Haddish told Glamour magazine recently that her effort to rewear the dress has already had a bit of an effect on the industry.

“A lot of people have been like, ‘I love the dress. I love what you’re doing.’ And I’ve seen some people in the same outfit twice since then,” she said. Even her friend and former co-star, Jada Pinkett Smith, is on board.

Tiffany Haddish at the "Girls Trip" in July 2017 (L), hosting "Saturday Night Live" in Nov. 2017 (M) and at the Oscars in March 2018 (R).
Tiffany Haddish at the "Girls Trip" in July 2017 (L), hosting "Saturday Night Live" in Nov. 2017 (M) and at the Oscars in March 2018 (R).

“Jada was like: ‘I’m so proud of you not letting the machine change who you are,’” Haddish said. “‘Be who you are; keep wearing what you want.’”

The 38-year-old said she’s also heard from people outside the industry who say seeing Haddish repeat her outfits has really helped them.

“I know this girl that goes to a private school — she’s not rich, she’s going on a scholarship — and kids make fun of her if she’s wearing the same jacket after three days,” Haddish told Glamour.

“When she saw me [in the McQueen dress], she hit me up. She said it made her feel so good to see that I was wearing the same dress, when people make fun of her and are like, ‘Girl, you’ve got the same jacket on!’ She’s like: ‘I’m Tiffany Haddish today!’”

When Haddish hosted “SNL” back in November, she worked her effort to rewear the dress ― which she had on at the time ― into her opening monologue.

“My whole team, they told me, ‘Tiffany, you cannot wear that dress on “SNL.” It’s taboo to wear it twice,’” she explained. “And I said, ‘I don’t give a dang about no taboo. I spent a lot of money on this dress. This cost way more than my mortgage.’”

Because, as Haddish so perfectly put it on the variety show: “I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, however many times I want, as long as I Febreze it.”

Amen to that.

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