Tiffany Pollard's Gay Dating Show Is Raising Funds For Queer Youth

New York makes a bold move with her new show, "The Ex."

Tiffany Pollard wants to make sure her gay fans feel loved as they grapple with an uncertain future following Election Day.

The “Flavor of Love” star is planning a small screen comeback with “The Ex,” which features two ex-boyfriends who are competing against each other to find love from the same pool of gay men.

Although “The Ex” has yet to find a home on network TV, Pollard opted to release the first episode of the series on Vimeo in the wake of recent events affecting the LGBTQ community, like the June 12 mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub and Donald Trump’s surprise election victory. The move, which Pollard announced Thursday, has a great cause, too: for every rental or purchase of the first episode, the reality star will donate $1 to The Trevor Project, the nation’s leading suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth.


“I know what it means to want to find that special somebody and not have it happen,” Pollard has said of the show. “So while I’m here and I’m able to keep doing what I’m doing, I’m going to help my gay fans find love.”

Abbe Land, who is The Trevor Project’s executive director and CEO, told The Huffington Post in an email that the organization was “delighted” by the planned donations.

“On behalf of the youth who depend on our life-saving programs,” Land said, “we appreciate Tiffany’s belief in our work.”

Allies are more important than ever as we move forward. Thank you, Tiffany!

Check out the first episode of “The Ex” here.

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