Tiffany Trump At RNC: ‘I Can Relate’ To Americans Looking For A Job

In her GOP convention speech, Trump noted she is a recent law school graduate. She is also the daughter of the wealthiest president in history.

In its lineup of speakers Tuesday night, the Republican National Convention highlighted a recent college graduate who said she could relate to struggling Americans: millionaire heiress Tiffany Trump.

“Like so many students across the world, I graduated from law school during the pandemic. Our generation is unified in facing the future in uncertain times ― and many of us are considering what kind of country we want to live in,” she said. “As a recent graduate, I can relate to so many of you who might be looking for a job.”

Trump, the 26-year-old daughter of the wealthiest president in history, is set to inherit millions from her father and graduated from the prestigious Georgetown law school in the spring.

It is true that she is less involved in her father’s businesses than her siblings and has generally gone a different route. But it’s also true that she’ll be fine in her job search and has little in common with most people looking for work right now.

If she doesn’t immediately get a job, she won’t face eviction or worry about getting health care.

Trump is also disconnected from the recent worries of the unemployed. After lawmakers were unable to get a deal extending enhanced unemployment benefits, jobless workers lost $600 in weekly income, with only a couple states currently taking advantage of a $300 a week benefit from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Trump has family connections and name recognition that will open doors for her, while many other recent graduates will be competing with each other and the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs but may have more professional experience ― and are now back on the job market.

In her speech on Tuesday night, Trump railed against the media and tech firms, claiming that “if what you share does not fit into the narrative they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a ‘lie,’ regardless of the truth.” She ignored how her father routinely labels any news coverage he doesn’t like as “fake news” and promotes lies and conspiracy theories.

She also bemoaned that on college campuses, students “with contrary opinions are too afraid to speak.”

“If you care about living your life without restraints, about rebelling against those who would suppress your voice, and building YOUR American Dream,” Trump said, “then the choice in this election is clear.”

Matt Fuller contributed reporting.

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