Tig Notaro Awkwardly Confirms She And Amy Schumer Aren't Friends

Many thought these two were the best of pals.
Amy Schumer and Tig Notaro in an "Inside Amy Schumer" sketch. 
Amy Schumer and Tig Notaro in an "Inside Amy Schumer" sketch. 

Amy Schumer's high-profile friendships may lead to movies with Jennifer Lawrence and beach days with Jerry Seinfeld, but that doesn't mean everyone is ready to be BFFs with the "Inside Amy Schumer" star. 

Tig Notaro, a well-known stand-up comedian who worked on Season 1 of "Inside," shut down any notion she's close with Schumer in an interview with The Guardian. The reporter asked Notaro about a certain quote the "Trainwreck" star said about her in a 2013 Vanity Fair interview, which read:

"Looking masculine and being gay, the challenges of the road are 20 times harder for Tig than other female comedians. People fear what they don’t understand." 

Notaro became visibly angry when speaking about the quote, telling The Guardian, "I don’t know what she was talking about. It sounds like offensive nonsense to me. I find that so offensive and weird. If you knew me well, you would never say that."

Things only got more uncomfortable from there. After the interviewer asked if the two were friends -- considering Schumer has spoken about living with Notaro during her battle with breast cancer -- Notaro responded with a non-committal "Ummm" before adding, "I've worked with her. I worked with her for the first season [of 'Inside Amy Schumer']. Let's leave it there." 

After shutting down any continued talk of her former colleague, the comedian then anonymously called out those who only helped her when she had cancer to make themselves look better. 

"But there were some inauthentic people wanting to take care of me, just to look good," Notaro said. "Yes! And I started to sniff that out and I was like, ‘Oh! This is so gross!’ and I got out of there as quickly as I could." 

Schumer and the comedian seemingly poked fun at people that grasped onto Notaro's cancer for their own gain in a sketch for "Inside," which makes this confession all the more shocking. 

The Huffington Post has reached out to reps for Notaro and Schumer and will update this post accordingly. 



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