Tig Notaro's Powerful Message About Learning To Embrace The Scars From Her Double Mastectomy

Tig Notaro has never been afraid to tackle her cancer head on.

Her now-legendary 2012 stand-up set -- which she performed days after she got a breast cancer diagnosis -- brought Louis C.K. to tears, then in 2014 she performed topless and bared the scars from her double mastectomy. The comedian told "The HuffPost Show" on Friday why exposing and owning her body was so meaningful:

I took my shirt off because it dawned on me how taboo it is to be topless, whether you have a double mastectomy or not, as a woman. And I was thinking how I had cancer, so that's a big deal, but having scars is not. And all it is is that my body healed. My skin healed. I don't have nipples. I just have two scars across my chest. But if I had a scar on my face, I would hope nobody would ask me to wear a bag over my head. It's really just a very simple thing. It's not a big deal. And the audience told me that when I took my shirt off, their heads exploded, and then 10 seconds later, they completely forgot and were listening to my stand-up.

Notaro's new comedy special, "Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro," premieres April 17 on Showtime.

Watch Notaro discuss her battle with cancer in the video above, and click here for more from "The HuffPost Show."