The Tiger Pancake Is Everything Your Childhood Should Have Been

Tony the Tiger has got nothing on this pancake.

Saturday morning pancakes just got real. Imgur user extracurricular has shared with us the most intricate, most creative, and, well, most bad-a** pancake we have ever seen. It's a tiger face on your pancake. Tony the Tiger has got nothing on this guy.

It used to be that we were giddy when someone added chocolate chips to pancakes. We were really impressed when they made pancakes with chocolate chips AND bananas. But now that we know pancakes can come out like THIS, our pancake standards have just gone up 1,454,468 notches. Extracurricular’s tiger-face pancake has taken breakfast to a whole new level.

Just take a look at his handiwork and see how it's done:

It starts with a sketch of the idea.
The sketch is recreated in a pan with (what we believe is) CHOCOLATE PUDDING.
Like this.
Next, pancake batter is slowly and carefully added on top of the chocolate pudding outline.
It should cook like this.
Et voila.
Feed it some butter.
And then, EAT.

Do try to make these at home, but be warned, it’s even harder than it looks. Redditor leapinglynx’s valiant effort, still a massive fail, is proof of that.

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