Tiger Pees On Wealthy Patrons During Circus Performance In Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

Tigers are known for their ferocious teeth, loud roars, and great strength, but for those who see them in captivity, their most threatening feature may be their propensity to squirt urine over long distances -- at people.

That's what happened during a recent performance by the Nikulin Moscow Circus in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan -- and the pee went straight towards the folks in the best seats, according to The New York Daily News.

The "pee-formance" happened during a performance by animal trainers Karina and Arthur Bagdasarov. At one point, the male tiger, Kesha, was supposed to perform a trick, but preferred to lift his hind leg and whiz on the V.I.P.s in the best seats, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported.

An eyewitness at the "pee-culiar" performance described it this way to RT.com: “The jet launched over two meters and hit the VIP box. The tiger was sitting atop a stand when the tamer cracked his whip. But instead of performing the act, the tiger lifted his leg and targeted the people occupying the expensive seats."

Paying big money to have tiger urine in your pink lemonade would piss most people off, but sources told Pravda that the victims of this attack merely laughed it off, wiped their clothes and continued watching the show.

That's a true sign of bravery because tiger urine is not the best smelling liquid, according to British blogger Karen Storms, who suffered through a similar indignity while attending a circus in 2009. She describes the odor of tiger pee "very savory, like yeast and salt and an added mix of strong herbs simmering in rotten meat broth."

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