Tiger Stalks Owner Before Playfully Pouncing In Adorable (But Scary) Video

Cats are known for their ninja-like skills and ability to pounce at a moment's notice. And the bigger they get, the scarier it is when they draw near.

Take this prowling tiger stalking his owner, Michael Jamison, in a video posted to YouTube last week.

The big cat stares down the camera and inches closer as he sizes up the man. Suddenly, the tiger rushes forward -- but he's just playing and begins harmlessly tugging on his owner's sweater.

Jamison, who lives with two tigers, often posts videos starring his unusual companions. In a clip uploaded last July, Jamison films himself waking up in bed to find one of his tigers lounging across his legs.

Though the South African man and his wife are comfortable sharing their home with the unconventional pets, Jamison does admit the dangers of housing a wild animal.

"Even if he doesn't bite down when playing, he can just scratch you with his teeth and you will bleed," Jamison said of one of his tigers in a video report. "That is one thing I've made peace with. Every time I play with him, I'm prepared to bleed a little bit."

Jamison is not the first to have a tiger as a pet. Abdullah Sholeh, and 31-year-old man in Indonesia who is known as the "Tiger Nanny," spends most of his time with an adult Bengal tiger named Mulan.



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