Tiger Woods --Did He Really Need Notes?

Tiger Woods steps out to the podium today and the first thing I noticed was a piece of white paper in his hand. I thought to myself, "Oh no he didn't." Yep, he did.

To make it worse he referred to his notes, probably written by someone else hired to write what he should say for further damage control, like he was going to forget what he was even apologizing for. I know for me if someone had caused me and my family, sponsors and more, the kind of embarrassment and hurt he caused, I would want a heartfelt apology and those usually come without notes.

How hard can it be to just get up there and say, "For the first time in a very long time it is me standing up here, just Tiger. Not the fake, the phony, the cheater and I am here to say I really blew it. I am painfully aware of my mistakes and am sorry for any hurt I have caused anyone, especially my family. I have a problem and I am getting the help I need. I was insensitive and irresponsible and felt like I could get away with my behavior because of my position in society. This has been humbling and I will learn from it, grow stronger and wiser and become a better man through it all. I hope you can all forgive me."

End of heartfelt apology and if this would have happened, no notes or looking down to figure out what to say next, just straight Tiger looking into the cameras speaking out, I would have had so much more respect for what he had to say today. But honestly, his fake blasé political sounding apology turned me in the other direction.

I am not judging this guy. We all make mistakes. In my life I have made some pretty major ones myself. Did I learn from them -- Yes. Apologized from my core to anyone I may have harmed in the process of my choices -- Yes. Notes required reminding me how to sincerely say I'm sorry -- No.

Tiger do us all a favor: own up, fire your "speech" writer, and stick to playing golf.