Tiger Woods BRIBE? $1 Million Rachel Uchitel Payoff Offer Reported

UPDATE, 12:37 PM: TMZ reports that Uchitel and Tiger Woods spoke on the phone last night "for approximately a half hour" and that no payout was offered. But the report adds that "we have no knowledge one way or the other" if an offer has been made since then.


Rachel Uchitel was scheduled to hold a press conference today, reportedly to admit to her alleged affair with Tiger Woods. Uchitel's attorney, Gloria Allred, canceled the news conference this morning due to "unforeseen circumstances." Now, is reporting that Woods' camp has offered Uchitel $1 million to keep quiet. According to the post, Allred would not comment on the rumor.

This report follows rumors that Woods is paying his wife a "hefty seven-figure amount" to stay with him.

Click here for photos of Uchitel. Pictures of another alleged mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, are here and here, and a video of a third woman rumored to be involved with Woods, Kalika Moquin, can be seen here.