Tiger Woods FAKE PHOTOS: Rehab Lookalike Foils Tabloids (PICTURES)

Tiger Woods FAKE PHOTOS: Rehab Lookalike Foils Tabloids (PICTURES)

Pictures allegedly showing Tiger Woods at a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi were released Wednesday. The photos, taken by the National Enquirer and posted at RadarOnline, seemed to confirm previous reports that Woods was enrolled in the Gentle Path program at Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services in Hattiesburg. (Learn all about the program -- including the sex "disclosure day" -- HERE.)


X17 has obtained photographs that cast doubt on the Enquirer's claims. Scroll down to see two pictures, allegedly taken outside the Pine Grove clinic, of a man who clearly is not Tiger Woods.

According to X17's photographer, the man "had the same sweatshirt, the same baseball cap - everything" as the person in the "Tiger" photos released Wednesday. "Then," the photographer continues, "we finally got a good look at his face and all the photographers looked at each other and said, 'That's not him!' We all took off." Click here for X17's full report, and scroll down to see the pictures.

RadarOnline speculates that the man is a Tiger decoy sent to throw people off the trail, while the Enquirer calls it a "laughable attempt to cover up" Woods' presence.

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