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Tiger Woods Has A Strange Furniture Habit, According To ESPN's Rick Reilly (PHOTOS)

Let's hope he gets some sort of "frequent buyer" discount.

We've heard of many unusual celebrity quirks. But Tiger Woods' reported strange behavior -- involving furniture -- has us quite surprised.

In his recent column, ESPN's Ricky Reilly has suggested that the pro golfer has a very unusual house habit. Reilly wrote, "he's a detail demon down to the tips of his shoelaces. If he rents your house for a tournament, he allegedly has all of your furniture taken out and duplicates of his own brought in, so he feels at home."

What was this in response to? Woods' new Nike ad claiming "winning takes care of everything," which has caused some controversy.

Regardless, if this claim is true, we can only imagine how pricey it is for Woods to go through with this transformation in every place he stays in. Though, if we've learned anything from his past, nothing he does seems cheap.

Click through our slideshow to see some other strange celebrity habits. And be sure to head over to ESPN to read the full story.

Celebs' Strange Habits

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