Tiger Woods: I'm Recommitting Myself to Buddhism

In Buddhist terms, Tiger has vowed to "bring all obstacles to the path."
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Emphasizing a return to his Buddhist tradition, Tiger vows to Bring Obstacles to the Path.

Sorry, Brit Hume.

Seems that forgiveness, humiliation, anger, adultery, raising a family, handling the adulation and now blame of millions...well seems Tiger figured Buddhism could handle whatever love-sex-suffering-adultery-confusion that life could throw at his klesha-killing, time-tested tradition.

In Buddhist terms, Tiger has vowed to "bring all obstacles to the path."

A deeply apologetic Tiger Woods today added to his lengthy litany of sins, regrets and promises of repentance that he needs to return to Buddhist traditions.

His mother taught him the traditions and moral philosophy but as an adult, he says, he drifted away. Now it's time to return to finding balance and being centered again.

Buddhism, he said, teaches that "a craving for things outside ourselves" can only lead to "unhappiness and a pointless search for security. Woods said he needed to stop "following every impulse" and "learn restraint."

Via the Christian Science Monitor:

But its power - or cheese factor, take your pick - didn't come from the standard athlete's apology and the wipe of a tear (which Woods didn't do), but from the billionaire golfer attempting to give to the public, for better and worse, what they really wanted: a few glimpses into who he really is - including his arrogance, his concern for his family, and his decision to steer back toward the religion that shaped him as a person and athlete: Buddhism.

"Part of following this path is Buddhism," he said, citing the religion practiced by more than 300 million people worldwide. "Buddhism teaches that a craving for things outside ourselves causes an unhappy and pointless search for security, and it teaches me to stop following every impulse and learn restraint. Obviously, I lost track of what I was taught."

(Brit Hume will no doubt be disappointed. The Fox News personality urged Woods to embrace Christianity to overcome his problems.)

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