Tiger Woods And Jimmy Fallon Find Buried Treasure On Golf Course

"It's Jersey," the golf great said in a "Tonight Show" sketch. "It's probably a body."

Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon look like they just golfed their way to easy street.

In a fun bit on a post-“Sunday Night Football” edition of “The Tonight Show,” the golf great and the host come upon something buried in a sand trap.

“It’s Jersey,” Woods says. “It’s probably a body.”

But then the two dig up what turns out to be a locked box. Their faces are bathed in golden light as they open it up using Woods’ golfing skills.

Winning the Masters last April at age 43 was definitely a career highlight for Woods. But this could be even better.

He and Fallon are sure celebrating like it is.

Find out the treasure they unearthed in the clip above.