Tiger Woods Nike Ad VIDEO: Commercial Marks Masters Comeback

Nike has released a new Tiger Woods ad on the eve of the Masters, which will mark the dominant golfer's return to the sport following revelations of his sordid sex life. The commercial consists of black-and-white footage of Woods, accompanied a voice recording from his father, who died in 2006. Earl Woods can be heard saying:

Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything.

Nike is one of the few major corporate sponsors to stand by Woods. While companies such as Gatorade, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T and Accenture have cut ties with Tiger, Nike and Electronic Arts have continued their endorsements.

The ad arrives on the same day that the National Enquirer reported that Woods slept with his neighbor's 22-year-old daughter. Woods' first round of golf in 2010 begins at 1:42 PM ET on Thursday.

Scroll down to watch the ad.