Tiger Woods PETA Billboard: 'Too Much Sex A Bad Thing' (PHOTO)

Tiger Woods PETA Billboard: 'Too Much Sex A Bad Thing' (PHOTO)

Tiger Woods may soon appear on a PETA billboard in his hometown of Windermere, Fla. The animal rights group has created a graphic showing a photo of the golfer accompanied by the all-caps text, "TOO MUCH SEX CAN BE A BAD THING." The message continues beneath the headline: "... for little tigers too. Help keep your cats (and dogs) out of trouble: Always spay or neuter!"

A blog post at PETA's web site explains the motivation behind the ad:

One unspayed female cat and her offspring can produce an estimated 420,000 cats in only seven years, and a female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. Many of those animals end up unwanted and unloved, often dropped off at animal shelters that are already bursting at the seams.

Just as we all know and accept that the sky is blue, we know that every time a breeder or pet store sells an animal, an animal in an animal shelter loses his or her life.

The premise of the ad certainly seems correct. By all indications, too much sex did indeed become a bad thing for the golf superstar. Among his many alleged lovers are two porn stars, one of whom (NSFW pictures) may have worked as an escort (also NSFW) and was videotaped bragging about her "amazing" and "really good" sex with Woods. The other porn star (NSFW pictures), who is wanted in Washington state, claims Tiger twice impregnated her. She is still demanding an apology.

Playboy model Loredana Jolie (PHOTOS), meanwhile, calls Woods' sex fantasies "not normal" and asserts that he had sexual encounters with men.

PETA's ad not the first time Tiger Woods' scandal has been used by marketers. An airline quickly capitalized on the story just days after Woods' post-Thanksgiving car crash, while a hockey team offered a "Tiger Woods foursome."

UPDATE: TMZ reports that PETA is putting the billboard plan on hold. Scroll down for a photo of the ad.


Women linked to Tiger Woods

  • Emma Rotherham allegedly had early-morning sex on Woods' office couch. Tiger reportedly loved to see her in black stockings and suspenders.

  • Jaimee Grubbs (PHOTOS) saved a voicemail from her lover, as well as steamy text messages. Jaimee stripped down for two magazines (sexy PHOTOS).
  • Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS) says she and Tiger had "wild" and "crazy" sex against a wall. She also claims to have slept with Woods the night his father died. Jungers, who allegedly once worked as a stripper, parlayed her newfound fame into jobs pitching vodka and an auction web site. She also appeared on the Today show and Dateline.
  • Julie Postle (PHOTOS) allegedly met Woods when she worked as a cocktail waitress in Orlando. Tiger was reportedly "obsessed" with Postle and "really hunted" her. She was also photographed in a bikini.
  • Susie Ogren says she took ecstasy with Tiger and he hoped "to get me into bed."
  • Rachel Uchitel (PHOTOS) was the first of Tiger's alleged mistresses. Woods reportedly emailed her once to say that "I finally found someone I connect with." In another alleged email, Woods shared a steamy fantasy of Uchitel simultaneously having sex with Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz. A National Enquirer source called Uchitel a "celebrity whore."
  • Loredana Jolie, a Playboy model, was allegedly "one of [Tiger's] favorites." She is planning a book that will spill the beans on Woods' alleged sexual encounters with men.
  • Theresa Rogers has been described as a "cougar" who allegedly boasted that she taught Tiger "everything he needed to know to be a great lover." She reportedly conceived a baby while she was seeing Woods, but an article suggests she believes the father is a Serbian basketball player she was also seeing at the time. According to another article, Woods told Rogers that he only married Elin Nordegren to boost his image. The 40-something Rogers may have negotiated a payoff in exchange for her silence.
  • Joslyn James is a porn star (PHOTOS, VIDEO) who has starred in films such as Porn Star Brides and MIA - Milfs In Action. She is also wanted in Washington state.
  • Holly Sampson is a porn star (NSFW pictures, video) whose films include Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife. She may have worked as an escort (NSFW) and appeared in a video in which she describes her "amazing" sex with Tiger Woods. In another article, she spoke about the "sensual, beautiful experience."
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