Tiger Woods' Plastic Surgery, Escape To Arizona, And Much More, Letter Claims

Furman Bisher, a retired sportswriter who used to pen a column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, posted a letter on his blog that -- if true -- provides in-depth background on the events that led to Tiger Woods' post-Thanksgiving car crash. Of course, it is likely not true. The letter, which Bisher says is from "a trustworthy journalist I have known for years," is written by someone who claims to have sources in Woods' neighborhood and at his talent agency, IMG.

According to the letter, Woods' wife Elin Nordegren (PHOTOS) confronted him on Thanksgiving night after she discovered "incriminating evidence," including but not limited to a text message, on his phone. Woods refused to admit to anything, and shortly thereafter Nordegren attacked him with a 9-iron golf club. The strike caused "a huge gash in the right side of his face... virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out." Woods fled the scene and attempted to leave the property in his Escalade, but his wife smashed the windows before he crashed the vehicle.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the letter is its claim that Woods never went home after being released from the hospital. Instead, he and his agent Mark Steinberg flew in his private jet to Phoenix to receive emergency plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry since there was "not much [the Florida doctors could] do to repair the teeth and the gash." This would explain why Woods never spoke with police following the accident, and also traces the golfer to Arizona, where he is rumored to be attending rehab. A previous report claiming he sought treatment for "sexual compulsion" and Vicodin and Ambien use also linked him to Arizona.

The letter also says that while his wife has retained a divorce attorney, she has "no intention" of divorcing her husband. The author writes that the pair is engaged in "intense marriage counseling sessions [of] up to 6 to 7 hours a day." Read the full letter for more details.

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