Tiger Woods Scandal: $12 BILLION Fallout?

Tiger Woods Scandal: $12 BILLION Fallout?

Tiger Woods has destroyed $12 billion in stock value since his post-Thanksgiving car accident, according to a new study from two University of California, Davis economics professors. The study estimates that Gatorade, Nike and Electronic Arts have suffered the most, while Accenture "experienced no ill effects following the accident."

Woods' sponsors have engaged in a flurry of activity over the past month as his list of alleged mistresses continued to grow. Gatorade announced it was discontinuing its Tiger Focus beverage, although it claimed the decision was already in the works before the scandal broke. Gillette said it would "limit [Woods'] role in our marketing programs" earlier in the month, and Accenture dropped Woods as the scandal widened. Watchmaker Tag Heuer initially indicated that it would "downscale" Woods' role in the company's advertising, but has since prominently displayed him on its web site, along with the text "TAG HEUER stands with TIGER WOODS."

It would be difficult to determine which development or allegation has been most damaging to Woods. Perhaps it was the first alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, whom Woods once reportedly emailed to say "I finally found someone I connect with." He also allegedly wrote to her about a steamy sex romp he dreamed of, involving her, Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz. It has been rumored that Uchitel is still seeing Woods, and Uchitel's attorney has declined to comment.

If the Uchitel stories have not been the most damaging, then perhaps it was one of the two porn stars that the golfer allegedly slept with. Holly Sampson (NSFW pictures) has appeared in a series of erotic films and may have worked as an escort (NSFW). She also described having sex with Woods in a web video and said that sleeping with the golfer was a "sensual, beautiful experience." The other porn star, Joslyn James, has was filmed gyrating in a skimpy outfit and is wanted in Washington state for not making child support payments.

Jamie Jungers is another alleged mistress who would likely be damaging to a brand as valuable as Woods. In addition to possibly working as a stripper, Jungers claims the two had "wild" and "crazy" sex and says the pair slept together the night Woods' father died. She has appeared in multiple interviews and has already begun to pitch vodka and an auction web site. She also may have taken nude pictures of Tiger.

Sponsors likely haven't forgotten Jaimee Grubbs, either. The alleged mistress appeared in racy pictures and has provided what she says is a voicemail from Woods, as well as two batches of erotic text messages.

Women linked to Tiger Woods:

  • NSFW pictures of porn star Joslyn James.
  • NSFW pictures of porn star Holly Sampson.
  • Mindy Lawton, who claims Woods is "very well endowed."
  • Pictures of Jamie Jungers, alleged Tiger Woods mistress.
  • Photo and video of another alleged mistress, Kalika Moquin.
  • Cori Rist, Woods' sixth alleged mistress.
  • Pictures of Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren.
  • Text messages Tiger Woods allegedly sent Jaimee Grubbs.
  • The voicemail Woods allegedly left Grubbs.
  • Photographs of the storied clients that Rachel Uchitel's attorney has represented over the years.
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