Tiger Woods Used Performance-Enhancing Drugs, Say 24% Of Surveyed Golfers

24% of golfers believe Tiger Woods used "HGH or other performance-enhancing drugs," according to a poll of 71 professional golfers. Sports Illustrated and published a survey of players on a battery of issues, many of which were related to Woods, and nearly a quarter of respondents believe the world's preeminent golfer is chemically enhancing his performance.

Last December, near the height of Woods' sex scandal, the New York Times published a report linking Woods to a controversial doctor who allegedly was caught carrying HGH at the U.S.-Canada border. Many felt that the article lacked any direct implication and was merely an attempt to cash in on the golfer's sex-fueled implosion.

In February, during his first public comments since his post-Thanksgiving car wreck, Woods forcefully denied using steroids or HGH. "Some people have made up things that never happened. They said I used performance-enhancing drugs. This is completely and utterly false," he said.

Woods also led several other categories of the SI poll. 30% said he should have his own reality show, although his alleged mistresses (one of whom is reported to be aggressively pursuing a deal) evidently weren't on the ballot. He tied the lead for most underrated player on the PGA Tour. See the rest of the results here.

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