Tiger Woods Video Game Stars Club-Swinging Wife (PHOTOS, GAME)

In the latest Tiger Woods golfing video game, it's not Tiger who's swinging the golf clubs: his wife is.

Taking inspiration from Tiger Woods's scandal -- the busted car, the sex text messages, the alleged affairs and irate wife --
lets users play Tiger, driving an Escalade, who has to figure out how to park his car in a neighbor's driveway without crashing.

Along the way, the "Tiger" in the driver's seat has to dodge police, paparazzi, fire hydrants, and pools. And Woods's wife (or a "familiar looking blonde") swinging golf clubs at the SUV.

If you succeed in parking within the allotted time, despite the threats, you win the "Parking Cup."

See a screenshot from the game below, then play it for yourself after the break.
has also released a Tiger Woods-themed game called "Outrun" or "Tiger Hunting." The concept? Help Tiger (and his mistress) "escape his angry wife by guiding his Escalade through the obstacles."

Here's a screenshot of that game:

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