Tights That Won't Roll Down, According To Customers Who Swear By Them

Sheertex, Heist, Spanx, Hue and other tights that you won't be pulling up all winter long.

Most winter clothing problems are caused by the cold weather. Will these boots keep my toes warm enough? Will this coat be able to handle snow? But there’s one winter weather fashion problem that is arguably more annoying than all the rest, if you’re unlucky enough to have experienced it: finding tights that don’t fall down.

If you’ve ever been walking around on a chilly day wearing a pair of tights under a skirt or dress, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded tights “roll down.” You can feel the waistband of the tights gradually rolling down your stomach, but maybe your hands are full or you’re not in a place where you can simply reach under your skirt or dress and pull them up. The more you walk, the further the tights fall. Maybe they roll down past your stomach, then to your thighs. Before you know it, you’re one move away from the tights falling all the way down.

Of course, finding tights that fit you well is part of the solution for this incredibly annoying winter problem, but that’s easier said than done. Choosing tights is a matter of finding that perfect balance of compression, design, warmth, elasticity, length and that crucial, hard-to-find quality that helps them not fall down. It’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why going off of firsthand referrals and reviews from real people is often the best way to find your perfect pair. We crowdsourced some favorites that you’ll want to stock up on.

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Sheertex tights
“I love the Sheertex classic tights, they really work so well and don’t rip — or do that rolling into my belly button thing.” — Kelly-Lynne Guy, Virginia

“I’m quite tall and they’re actually long enough for my legs. And the waistband comes high enough that it hits my actual waist and doesn’t roll down. I really do not have to adjust these at all while wearing them. Also they’re indestructible so you don’t have to buy a new pair for every wear.” — Whitney Shier, Vancouver, Canada

“Sheertex are incredible if you want sheers that will not run. Ever. Like you can take a knife to them and they won’t break.” — Tierney Kain, Virginia

“They never roll down, are very comfortable, and virtually indestructible. I recommend them to everyone. The price is definitely a shock, but they are so worth it!” — Courtney Davis, Portsmouth, Ohio

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Heist tights
“Heist Studios tights ROCK. They’re secure but not overly tight, and they’re shaped to sit on and hold your curves as opposed to squeeze them. Endless comfort.” — Sophie Locke, New York, New York

“I found these tights about five years ago and have slowly converted everyone I know to wearing them. They feel like yoga pants and I never have to hike them up in the middle of the day.” — Erica Rhodes, Washington, D.C.

“They are made with a control yoga pant-like top and come in multiple thicknesses/colors/top lengths (mid or high, etc.). They are also virtually rip proof. I have two dogs and have yet to have a snag. They are the best! I recommend them to everyone.” — Kristen LaVeck, Baltimore, Maryland

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Boden tights
“They are thick and warm, super comfy, I’ve never had runs, they don’t roll! I wear them for 10-hour workdays and they stay perfect. I wore them yesterday to change the picture book in my library’s storywalk (I’m a children’s librarian), which is a half mile of walking and squatting down 20 times, and also did an entire storytime including the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’ (more squatting) and they were as perfect as when I got dressed in the morning.” - Kate Grafelman, Columbus, Indiana

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Snag tights
“They’re endlessly stretchy and come in a ton of sizes rather than the standard ‘fits most’ and they are super high-waisted. I even wore them during pregnancy without needing to size up, and they still fit me postpartum. They don’t feel constricting or leave marks on my skin, but they don’t roll or slip at all either. Seriously the best tights, and I’ve tried a lot because I hate pants. Also, great customer service! My order got lost on the way here from the U.K. (where they’re based) and they sent me a new one, no questions asked and free of charge!” — Karina Jiménez, Orlando, Florida

“[Especially] if you’re plus size, tights are a freaking nightmare. Snag tights are durable and stay up ALL day.” — Alix Webster, Los Angeles, California

“They are size inclusive, affordable, fit great, and last forever!” — Megan Howard, Florida

“I’m a tall lady and they accommodate for height in their sizing. They're the only kind to ever fit me.” — Kate Kummer, Massachusetts

“I used to dread wearing tights because I am all thigh and very pear shaped. Snag changed my life.” — Amanda Brennan, New Jersey

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Spanx tights
“Spanx, specifically the double sided (black/gray). I’ve tried every other pair out there and these last the best (I’ve had some for 2-3 years).” — Caroline Ives, central Connecticut

“If you want real shaping/smoothing, high-waisted Spanx can’t be beat.” — Tierney Kain, Virginia

“I’ve worn [Spanx Classic Opaque Tights] for years and they always hold up so well. Truly so great.” — Tara Sefert, Ashland, Oregon

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Hue tights
“Hue Super Opaque Tights with Control Top ... [I] live by them. They’re so soft (buttery soft) and comfortable and don’t sag or roll down.” — Kara Friedman, New York, New York

Get antimicrobial super opaque tights with smooth control top from Hue for $15.
Marks & Spencer tights
“Marks & Spencer (M&S brand) has the best tights!! Great quality — they don’t roll down and last for ages!” - Hannah LaSala, Portland, Maine

“These babies last. And they’re dirt cheap compared to what American hosiery companies are charging for subpar tights.” — Rachael, Northern Ireland

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