Tiki Barber: I'm Broke

Former football star Tiki Barber is taking more hits in his retirement than he ever received on the field.

Publicly derided for leaving his then-eight-months-pregnant wife Ginny for 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, Barber now claims that he is broke and can't afford a divorce settlement.

According to Page Six, Barber insists his career is in the gutter since losing his $300,000 network contract with NBC.

Barber hasn't been on the air in many months -- but sources said his contract was only formally terminated in May.

Network insiders said "Today" show bosses secretly ended their deal with Barber due to a hidden "morality clause" which specified that stars must not be involved in public scandals.

Barber has four children with his estranged wife, including newborn twins. He was reportedly banned from the delivery room while Ginny was giving birth.

Barber also canceled promotional appearances for his Flywheel cycling gyms in the wake of the scandal.