44 TikTok Products That Are Worth The Hype And On Sale This Black Friday

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We’re wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

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A Bissell multipurpose carpet and upholstery cleaner for 28% off with a MAJOR fan following
Each cleaner comes with a trial size of Bissell's Spot & Stain Formula, which is also available on Amazon for $12.99!

Promising review: "Yep! TikTok made me buy it and I loved it. Looked for it online, and on Walmart they were about $150 for some reason?? Got it here, and I am LOVING IT. Things definitely look cleaner. Spots on my carpet are gone, and my car seats look brand new for the first time since I bought it! Directions are easy. Just a heads up, MAKE SURE TO USE WARM WATER. if you leave water in it and it gets cold, it's not as effective, so just follow instructions and it should be wonderful!" —Carlos

Get it from Amazon for $89 (originally $123.59).
A set of affordable, highly popular wireless Bluetooth earbuds for 53% off
These come with a wireless charging case that provides up to 14 hours of charge (with the earbuds able to play for four-plus hours with each full charge).

Promising review: "Best decision! These are the greatest headphones ever! I saw them on TikTok months ago and added them to my wishlist. I got a new phone that doesn't have the headphone port so I decided it was time to finally buy them. They are amazing and I probably won't ever take them out of my ears! 😂" —Katlyn D Arnold

Get it. from Amazon for $18.99+ (originally $39.99; available in five colors).
A heated eye massager for 30% off (plus an additional 15% off!) with a ton of bells and whistles
Promising review: "I saw this product on one of Amazon’s must-have TikTok videos and I knew I had to get it. It was so worth it — even though price may seem higher compared to other sellers, this is for sure a good investment piece. The quality is top notch, the strap that goes around your head is comfortable, and most importantly, the duration of each mode is long enough that it doesn’t interrupt your rest. I work a 12-hour night shift as a nurse and this technology has helped me get through the night easily👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $59.49(get this price by clipping the 15% off coupon on the product page — originally $99.99; available in four colors).
Stephanie Hope/BuzzFeed
A portable car vacuum for 65% off so the next time you explore the great outdoors or enjoy a particularly messy snack you don't have to coexist with the evidence of until the next time you do a deep car clean. With this easy peasy gadget, you can scoop it all up and leave your interiors looking brand spanking new.
Here's what BuzzFeeder Stephanie Hope has to say about it: "When I tell you that I use this product often, I mean it. It's so easy to plug in, vacuum dirt from the floor or seat, and put it away. It comes with three different attachments and an extra filter! My tip is to use the brush attachment for everything as it will kick dirt off the carpet fibers, making it easier to suction."

Promising review: "So I saw this product recommended by a TikTok user, so of course I bought it! This car vacuum works wonderfully. The cord is super long — I drive an '08 Prius and I still had cord left after I swept in the trunk! The vacuum has a bristle suction piece, a long narrow one, and a hose like a regular sweeper would have. It comes with one filter inside the vacuum and an additional one with a small brush to help clean it. It also came with the bag which everything fits in and a nice car air freshener! I love this product, it works very well." —Ken

Get it from Amazon for $14.07 (originally $39.99; available in three colors).
A Renpho percussion massager for 60% off
Check out aTikTok of the massager in action.

Promising review: "My husband bought me a massage gun for Christmas. I opened it, and it had been used (yuck) so I said, let's return it. My daughter in law got one for Christmas as well. We put an end on each one, and we compared them. Mine was from Sharper Image/Costco, hers was this model Renpho. Mine in comparison was not powerful, did not go as fast, and just didn't do much for me. They look similar but they were NOT. So I returned mine, and I ordered this Renpho. Due to the holidays, there were delays with the shipment. I was soooo disappointed because I was looking forward to trying it on my aching feet with plantar fasciitis. I have tried EVERYTHING for my feet, nothing works and I am always in pain. It came, and I opened the box to find an UNUSED, BRAND NEW massage gun with all the attachments. I tried it out and I thought wow, that feels AWESOME. But the true test is how do you feel the next day right? You cannot always walk around with a massage gun in your hand. The next day, I felt AMAZING. AMAZING. I used it on my hubby's back too, and he said he felt so much better today as well! In addition, this one is way QUIETER than my original massage gun. It's just really a quality piece. You won't be disappointed in this one. It really is what it says. I know it is hard to choose from all the models on the internet, but this one is the real deal. It's worth the money if you have pain." —L Johnson

Get it from Amazon for $99.99 (originally $249; available in three colors).
A pair of fan-favorite high-waisted workout leggings for 30% off
Promising review: "I absolutely love these. They feel like absolutely butter and soft heaven. I saw on TikTok that they where Lululemon dupes. It was accurate. So worth the money." —Stacy121

Get it from Amazon for $19.59 (originally $28; available in women's sizes XXS–XL and 39 colors).
A wireless, Bluetooth-enabled karaoke mic for 56% off
Promising review: "You don't understand TikTok made me obsess over this microphone. As a 30+ year old woman, I resisted purchasing it. I finally broke down and bought it because it was haunting me in my sleep. I'm so glad I did. When I am in a bad mood I start karaoke in my house and am instantly better. It has 'ruined' my teenage son's life because my performances can be heard through his XBOX microphone. This is a must have product." —Zane A. Undercoffer

Get it from Amazon for $22.19 (originally $49.99; available in 11 colors).
A dual hair dryer and brush for 37% off
Unlike other hair dryers, this one can be held closer to the roots and scalp for a higher volume and lift and helps you curl hair at the end while it dries. It comes with three heat settings and is designed to work on all hair textures — reviewers with 2a–4c hair mentioned it working for them, and especially noted that it helps cut down on drying time!Promising review: "OH MY LANTA. PURCHASE THIS NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I found this on TikTok and saw the gal's review and had to buy it. I have thick hair and this dries my hair in less than 15 minutes. PLUS I don’t have to fuss with a straightener or a curling iron if I don’t want to!! It leaves my hair so soft and shiny and gives it SO MUCH VOLUME! I recommend this to ANYONE I talk to about it. Seriously my favorite styling tool. Seriously so in love." —Sydney

Get it from Amazon for $25.24+ (originally $39.87; available in three styles).
A roll up tool organizer for 30% off to make your life SO much easier
Check out a TikTok of the roll up tool kit in action.

Promising review: "My husband absolutely loves this! The bag has so much room for tools yet will roll up and fit under his truck seat. No big bulky tool box needed, this carry bag is perfect!!" —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $27.99 (originally $39.99).
A TikTok-famous rotating digital alarm clock for 44% off
Plus, it has two USB outlets, which means you can use it to charge your phone (and AirPods) while you sleep.

Promising review: "This is what I have been looking for. I had seen this clock on TikTok many times and decided to bite the bullet. Set up was easy and to get it to my perfect setting took me about two to three days of readjusting. I started with the automatic dim and changed it to have the display bright from 7 a.m. to midnight. When I wake up in the middle of the night, it's dimmed so it doesn't hurt my eyes. Instructions were a little tough, but I managed. Definitely recommend this clock to everybody." —Joshy S

Get it from Amazon for $18.36+ (originally $32.98; available in 10 colors).
A Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser for up to 32% off
Check out a TikTok of the Waterpik in action.

Promising review: "I LOVE this Waterpik. I should have bought one years ago! I've always had trouble remembering to floss and even when I would consistently floss for weeks, my bleeding never stopped. Probably because I was doing it wrong, IDK. My bleeding stopped within a month of using this device and my gums are the healthy shade of pink you see on TV. (Ridiculous, I know but c'mon! How cool.) I use this once a day, every day, and sometimes twice. It is a little noisy but who cares. Nobody complains. Not even my kids who love to come in while I'm drying my hair to yell at me about how loud the hair dryer is haha. Do this for your health! And please remember to drain the line after every use. Mine still looks new after three months of continuous use." —Sugarling

Get it from Amazon for $68+ (originally $99.99; available in four colors).
Olaplex No. 3 hair perfector for 20% off
Promising review: "My hair has so much breakage from coloring it so much over the years. I was on the verge of a Britney 2007 moment and completely shaving it. I saw one of God’s favorites on Tiktok with the hair of a goddess suggest this stuff. All I can say is wow! This cream must have been dropped from Heaven because it has saved my fried hair. Worth every penny so you too can be one of God’s favorites." —Kristin

Get it from Amazon for $24 (originally $30).And check out our full review of Olaplex No. 3 here.
The newest version of the glare-free Kindle Paperwhite for 32% off
Check out a TikTok of the new Kindle Paperwhite in action.

Promising review: "I LOVE Kindles, and this one is no exception. The warm light is in the pictures as yellow, but it also goes the other way to an ice blue! And the touch response is miles better than the older kindle, a tap is almost instantly registered. If you are on the fence- just try it! You have my permission and recommendation!" —ErikJuun

Get it from Amazon for $94.99 (originally $139.99).
A plush blanket for 20% off reviewers swear by as the ultimate Barefoot Dreams dupe
Promising review: "I saw this blanket on TikTok and I have to say I absolutely love it. I washed it several times now and it’s maintained its elasticity and softness after each wash. It’s warm enough but not too hot for a throw. Absolutely recommend this blanket!" —Amy

Get it from Amazon for $23.19+ (originally $28.99; available in 12 styles and two sizes)
A cold brew coffee maker for 20% off that's gloriously easy to use
Promising review: "I LOVE this product so much! I drink iced coffee on the daily but the system I had just wasn't cutting it for me. I didn't know how to brew cold coffee at home (all we have is a Keurig, and there's no cold brew option) so I would go buy iced coffee from Dunkin' every morning. Now don't get me wrong, i love my Dunkin', but I wanted to find a way to be able to make that same iced coffee at HOME, and I think my wallet and gas tank wanted me to figure that out too. I found out about this product through TikTok and it is a GAME CHANGER. All you have to do is put coffee grounds in the filter, fill up the main compartment 3/4 full with water (I use water from my fridge), screw the filter into the lid and screw the lid shut, shake it a little to put the coffee grounds to work, and let it do its magic for 12–24 hours! This is probably the best investment i've ever made. You need this!!" —Carmen E.

Get it from Amazon for $22.39+ (originally $27.99; available in three colors and two sizes).
A reviewer-beloved veggie chopper for 40% off
Check out aTikTok of the veggie chopper in action.

Promising review: "Makes life so much easier. I can't imagine chopping onions or bell peppers by hand anymore, and it does so much more. We used to have a Prepworks chopper which was a similar idea, but you had to press so hard to chop, and it broke after not too long. This one requires very little effort to cut through the food and it has a generous container." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $23.88 (originally $39.99).
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
A rose gold rechargeable electric lighter for 33% off
This also comes in other pretty colors, but I am especially partial to this one because I bought it for my parents (their kitchen is entirely pink and one of my favorite places on Earth), and this was SO EASY to use — not to mention super safe! I'm a big weenie about fire (LOL, self-preservation) so I've always stuck to extended-arm gas lighters, but this is much better for the environment (plus cuter), so I feel a lot better about using it. You can read my full review of the Leejie electric lighter for more deets!

Promising review: "Works like a charm. I saw this on a TikTok. Knew immediately that I needed it. I love candles and this is so much better than a match or lighter. It’s kept a charge for months. I use it several times a month." —dwhite3012

Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (originally $14.99; available in five colors).
A pair of high-waisted crossover leggings for 44% off that TikTok caused to sell out once,
Promising review: "BETTER THAN LULU'S! I saw these on TikTok and waited almost two months for them to be back in stock, but they were so worth it. They’re buttery soft and the criss-cross design makes me look like an hourglass! They looked small at first but stretched just fine." —Lake

Get it from Aerie for $25 (originally $44.95; available in women's sizes XXS–XXL, long, short, and in five colors and patterns).
A popular exfoliant foot peel for 36% off reviewers swear by for calluses
Promising review: "TikTok made me buy it. My feet were dry, cracked, and needed this. This works AMAZING! After two to three days my feet felt itchy. Trust the process. After the third day my feet began to itch a little. I showered after work and it just be prepared because the process was FREAKY! My feet are so soft, no cracks. I love how they feel and look now. I bought a second pack. I’ll continue to use this foot peel." —Mermaidme

Get it from Amazon for$15.99 (originally $24.99; available in six scents).
A set of "floating" kitchen knives for 38% off (plus $5 off!) in an acrylic case
Each set comes with 13 professional chef knives, kitchen scissors, a peeler, a two-stage stage knife sharpener, and an acrylic knife stand.

Promising review: "I love these knives! I saw them on a TikTok and decided I had to have a set of black knives and they exceeded my expectations for sure. Super durable, and very sharp. And they aren’t an eye sore in the kitchen." —Emily S.

Get it from Amazon for $34.99 (clip the "$5 off" coupon for this price).
A pair of waterproof, anti-slip fuzzy memory foam slippers for up to 39% off
Promising review: "These slippers are amazing! Discovered them on TikTok and went back and forth about ordering them but wow, they are so comfortable. I have barely taken them off since receiving them. They are so fluffy and stay on my feet surprisingly well when walking around the house. Can’t wait until more colors are in stock to get another pair." —MSumm

Shipping: Available on Amazon Prime with 2-day shipping, non-Prime shipping options will still arrive by Christmas (see Amazon's full shipping information here).

Get it from Amazon for $18.39+ (originally $29.99; available in sizes 5–10 and 12 colors).
A Yonanas fruit soft-serve maker for 30% off that magics any frozen fruit into ice cream
Promising review: "I saw one of these in action at a friends house like five years ago and thought it was just a made up memory, because making ice cream out of solely frozen fruit seems wild. But when I saw a TikTok about it I immediately went to Amazon and bought it. Literally this was the BEST decision of my life. I cannot believe still how amazing this thing is! It makes the creamiest, best tasting fruit ice cream ever. It’s easy to take apart and clean, and super easy to use." —DMCKAY

Get it from Amazon for $35 (originally $49.99; available in six colors).
A 3-in-1 foldable magnetic wireless charger
Check out a TikTok of the foldable 3-in-1 chargerin action.

Promising review: "I use this product to charge my IPhone 13, AirPods, and Apple Watch. Prior to this 3-in-1 compact purchase, I have purchased three different kinds of 3-in-1 chargers — I frequently travel between school and home with carry-on bags on airlines and all of the previous stand version chargers doesn't fit well in my bags or I am always worried I would break. This is compact and folds so well that I can fit in my carry-on or in any zipper pockets without having to worry about breaking anything. Charger works really well and it is the best compact one you can find in market. Love it and been using it for two months now and no issues!!" —SBREDDY

Get it from Amazon for$32.79 (originally $49.99; available in six colors).
A pair of drawstring lounge pants for 30% off
Promising review: "I was so excited to find this brand on a TikTok video (LOL) that claimed to be a Lululemon dupe, and they totally are! Purchased two different pairs, and will definitely be buying more. Great quality for the price!" —Jalyn

Get it from Amazon for $22.40+ (originally $32; available in women's sizes XS–XXL and 20 colors).
A set of exfoliating gloves for 38% off
Promising review: "This is one of my favorite purchases. Not gonna lie, TikTok made me buy this. So I buy it and I’m still a little nervous because it’s literally a glove. But nah, I used it with liquid body soap and I’ve never felt so clean in my whole life. I got out of the shower feeling like a freshly birthed baby. My skin had never felt so clean and I questioned how I went 32 years without this." —Brittney

Get it from Amazon for $6.79+ (originally $10.99; available in three textures and as sets of two or three).
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed
An Orolay jacket, aka *the* Amazon coat for 44% off
TBH, it is the warmest, most functional coat I've ever owned. It's like being snuggled everywhere you go?? A gift that will just keep on giving and giving. Also the POCKETS ON THIS THING. I genuinely feel like a one-woman clown car pulling out all the things I've snuck in there. I don't use a purse in the winter, everything just very snugly and securely fits in one of the zippered pockets (and the side pockets are SO warm for your hands).

Promising review: "Best purchase of 2021. I’d like to thank TikTok for this recommendation. SUPERIOR QUALITY, durable, warm, fashionable and affordable." —SarahD

Get it from Amazon for $89.49+ (originally $159.99; available in sizes XXS–5X and 13 colors).
A waterproof touchscreen shower phone holder for 20% off
Promising review: "This product was a TikTok recommendation and has not let me down. It comes with three adhesive mounts and sticks well to either tile or glass. The clear screen allows for scrolling or swiping easily. My only critique is how the phone sits inside. I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is a larger phone but it sits low in the chamber and that prevents me from changing between apps as I can't swipe up at the bottom to get back to my home screen. Otherwise its great!" —Susan Gifford

Get it from Amazon for $13.59 (originally $16.99; available in three colors for this price).
A rechargeable hand warmer for 24% off
Check out a TikTok of the hand warmer in action. Psst — this is USB rechargeable, and you can even use a power bank or your phone to charge it!

Promising review: "This hand warmer is amazing! My hands are constantly cold and I've tried all sorts of products to help keep them warm but nothing has worked until now. I charge the hand warmer every night with a standard USB charger and the next day, I have hours of warmth. The three temperature settings are very helpful — I use the highest setting when I'm outdoors for long periods of time and the lower settings when I'm indoors (e.g. sitting at my desk or in a cold movie theater). I've already given hand warmers as gifts to several cold-handed friends and family members and they're loving it as well. I hope Ocoopa comes out with a foot warmer next!" —Riva Kupritz

Get it from Amazon for $27.99+ (originally $36.99; available in six colors).
A pack of the internet-beloved Mighty Patch Pimple Spot Treatment for 20% off
Promising review: "I heard all about these on TikTok so I decided to order. I switched my birth control and was having a ton of breakouts, these are amazing! They helped me stop picking at my face and my skin is so clear now. Will always have these in my house from now on!" —Kiara Galloway

Get it from Amazon for $10.39 (originally $13).
A mini projector for 31% off to transform your living room into a theater
Promising review: "I've been wanting a projector for a while now after seeing it on TikTok, and this one hits the mark. The quality is crisp and clear to the point you don’t really need a projector screen. The sound can go pretty loud. Most importantly, it can connect to my iPhone and MacBook. I got it as a gift, and I’m very happy with it. It doesn’t come with the Apple adapter, but you can find it for cheap separately anyway. No complaints so far." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $68.84 (originally $99.99).
A six-piece (!!) set of high-performance matte lipsticks for 20% off
Promising review: "What can I say, I saw a TikTok about this lipstick and for $10 had to try it! The reviews are right, for some reason this lipstick is better than even $20 name brand ones bought from Ulta. Not only does it smell great, but dries in under a minute and survived eating a cupcake, a Starbucks drink, and an entire evening out, no smudging and had to be removed with a makeup wipe. Fantastic product!!" —Claire

Get it from Amazon for $9.98 (originally $12.48).
An affordable sunrise alarm clock for 45% off
This can be programmed with seven different light settings, seven different calming "wake up" noises, and to start gradually lighting up at 30, 20, or 10 minutes before you wake.

Promising review: "I got this recommendation from TikTok and it really has helped especially with Oregon winters where the sun is not out by the time the alarm rings. It has several peaceful alarm settings and even has night music to put you to sleep. The sunrise with the alarm piano is what I play to wake me up every morning and it is a way better way than to wake up to an annoying phone alarm." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $32.88 (originally $59.99).
Cleaning putty for 44% off that may actually make cleaning fun
Promising review: "This product does exactly what it says it does. I recently got a new car and was looking for something to easily put I up dust. I saw this product from TikTok. I was surprised at how easily it picks up dust and small debris, especially from inside of vents and cup holders. It’s also great for the though screen in my car! The only complaint is the very artificial smell when you use it. It doesn’t last, just when it’s out of the container!" —DreamyOne

Get it From Amazon for $5.59 (originally $9.99).
Emma Lord ./ BuzzFeed
Youthforia BYO Blush Oil for 20% off, which is a TikTok fave because it's designed to react to the pH levels of your skin
Youthforia is an Asian woman–owned small business established in 2020 that specializes in environmentally friendly, cruelty-free makeup made with at least 90% renewable ingredients.Check out a TikTok of the BYO Blush in action.

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord says:
"I tried this out myself and I have to say, it is WILD watching it adjust to your skin's pH in real time. It was a very bright pink at first but super easy to spread — a bit like Glossier's Cloud Paint, except personalized. It's very long lasting, too — I applied in the morning and could still see a rosy glow by the end of the day."

Get it from Youthforia for $28.80 (originally $36; available in four colors). Use code THANKFUL20 to see that price reflected at checkout.
Stasher bags for up to 25% off
Promising review: "In love with my Stasher bag!!!!! I usually pack my lunch aside so I buy my own containers and food and such. I got tired of throwing away so many plastic bags so I decided to look up something reusable until i saw Stasher! I also recently saw it on TikTok so I said let me buy one to stash my fruits. I take fruit everyday to work and I need something that will keep it fresh and won’t leak since it’s fruit! Lol I love my little Stasher, it’s durable the seal is also very secure!!!! i will continue to purchase more in the future!!!!" —Rachel

Get it from Amazon for $7.49+ (originally $9.99+, available in six sizes and 12 colors).
A Stakt fitness mat for 20% off about to change your whole fitness game
I first came across this mat while scrolling TikTok and thought it was such a cool idea. Ever since I saw it, it has been on my wishlist. Rolling up a yoga mat can be so challenging sometimes, especially when you're in the middle of the workout and need some extra support on your wrist while in plank. This mat folds up in fourths, so you can give your knees or hands some extra padding. Plus, it's way easier to store flat. It's also two times thicker than the average yoga mat. Stakt is a woman-founded small business!

Get it from Stakt for $68.80 (originally $86; available in three colors).
An egg bite maker for 20% off so you can flex on Starbucks and Costco
Check out a TikTok of the egg bite maker in action. Psst — a lot of folks also use these for pancake and protein pancake bites!

Promising review: "I bought this in hopes to make egg bites similar to Starbucks and I have not been disappointed. I chose this one after reading reviews on the smaller four-bite size. I have used it multiple times and have had excellent results each time. I followed the recipe in the booklet and used a tip from another reviewer that suggested to triple the cottage cheese amount. It’s very easy to use and clean." —April124

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (originally $49.99; available in three colors).
A retro-style pixel art game Bluetooth speaker for 39% off
Check out a TikTok of the retro Bluetooth speaker in action.

Promising review:
"Sound quality and durability is very good! I like the ability to change the artwork on the cover, the ability to change the brightness of the image, the ability to change the volume of the startup/connect/disconnect, the auto-shutoff and auto-sleep mode toggles, and the ability to set multiple alarms (available on the app only, sadly, not out of the box). There's surprisingly a lot you can do with such a seemingly simple device, and it's made more than a great replacement alarm clock for me, which is initially what I bought it for. Highly recommend if you've got the extra coin to spend on something cute, fun, and practical!" —Soul Breaker

Get it from Amazon for $79.92 (originally $129.99; available in six colors).
A leakproof, cult-fave Comotomo baby bottle for 43% off designed to mimic breastfeeding
Promising review: "Favorite bottles! A mom on TikTok recommended these, so I tried them out. They don’t leak and milk doesn’t come out of the nipple at a fast pace. I would definitely recommend!" —Shaina Tradesco

Get it from Amazon for $16.98 for a set of two (originally $29.99; available in two sizes and two colors).
A set of silicone stove-counter gap covers for 40% off
Promising review: "My daughter recently shared a TikTok video of this item, and it's a treasure! We highly recommend this, as it eliminates the difficult task of cleaning between the stove and counter/cabinet." —allycat

Get it from Amazon for $8.95+ for a pack of two (originally $14.95; available in two sizes and three colors).
A progress-tracking jump rope for 50% off
Promising review: "It should come as no surprise in 2021 that I bought this thanks to a TikTok influencer, and honestly, I'm glad I did. I wanted a way to exercise that was both fun and did not include going into a gym (where literally no ones wears a mask), and a jump rope seemed the perfect solution. I love the counter — that was the draw — but it also counts your calories and the amount of time that you've spent jumping to track your progress. I will say jumping rope is not as easy as I remember as a child, but I'm excited to continue using this product and get better and better at it. Definitely worth the purchase." —Nicole Osti

Get it from Amazon for $13.59+ (originally $26.99; available in eight colors).
Rachel Dube / BuzzFeed
A smart-toaster for 29% off that'll make you feel like you're living in the year 3000
There's also a countdown clock that will alert you when your toast is almost ready! I actually got to try this toaster and shared it with my parents who were in desperate need for a new toaster. Every time I'm at their house, I end up using it because it's so great. The touchscreen is super easy to use. You select what color brown you want you toast, and in no time, it's ready to go. I love how their are so many different options because all breads do not toast equally!!

BuzzFeed writer Rachel Dube also owns this gadget and says: "What's not to *love* about a functional appliance? It's meant to perfectly heat each individual item, thanks to the fact that it adjusts to their shape. When I used to use my old toaster, I would have to play around with the temperature *and* keep an eye on it the entire time. This lets me just walk away and will pop out the food when it's done the way I selected on the screen." Read her full review of the Revolution Cooking Smart-Toaster here.

Promising review: "Of course, TikTok made me buy it! LOL! But seriously, it looks great in my newly remodeled kitchen and really cooks/toasts/warms up my breads, waffles, and bagels perfectly and evenly! I've had some really cheap toasters in my time and have always been disappointed with the uneven toasting because one of the elements within the toaster burnt out, etc. This toaster is super smart, and you can clearly see when your food is about to be done. There's three settings (warm, fresh, frozen) options for toasting so you're food is always cooked to perfection! The animated circle around on display when cooking lets you know know how far along your food is to being done. An audible sound plays when it's done so you don't have to keep watching it. When you're not using the toaster, the time displays. Where I have it in my kitchen, it's nice to have the time on that side of the room without having to turn around and look at my oven. The aesthetics are very nice and complimentary since all my appliances are stainless steel. It gives my kitchen this extra zhoosh up the place! I've been using it now for several months and have no complaints!" —ADR

Get it from Amazon for $249 (originally $349).
A portable laptop power bank for 38% off to truly change the game for remote workers
Check out a TikTok of the laptop power bankin action.

Promising review: "Bought for travel. On one day where I needed to use the phone more, I realized that my phone was low on power but was able to connect it to the power bank. It charged very quickly and I was able to keep going without disruption. Quite a relief! It, of course, has just a bit of a heft to it, as expected with a battery like this, but nothing too bad. It’s compact enough to be easily portable (I tucked it into a pocket of my tote)." —MAB

Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (originally $129).
A keyless fingerprint doorknob for 44% off
Check out a TikTok of the fingerprint doorknob in action. It also comes with an emergency key to unlock it, if the code is forgotten!

Promising review: "I’ve had this lock for a couple of months now and honestly I love it. So convenient. I don’t have to worry about my room being unlocked anymore. Also just a genuinely great product." —Alyssa

Get it from Amazon for $55.99 (originally $99.99; available in two colors).
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