'Hannah Montana' Had A Huge Plot Hole And This TikToker Broke It Down For Us

In a now-viral video, a fan of the Disney Channel show explained how Billy Ray Cyrus' character was the key to the pop star's real identity all along.

A “Hannah Montana” fan has uncovered a massive plot hole that reveals the title character’s true identity was hiding in plain sight for years. 

TikTok user kylieklunder declared she found the “THE BIGGEST PLOT HOLE IN CINEMATIC HISTORY” after discovering something about “Hannah Montana,” a Disney Channel show that ran from 2006 to 2011. The series starred Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart, a “regular” girl who had a double life as a pop star named Hannah Montana. 

Cyrus’ real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, played Miley Stewart’s dad — a former country star name Robby Ray Stewart, in a nod to Billy Ray Cyrus’ actual career. 

What kylieklunder pointed out is that the show openly has both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana publicly declaring that Robby Ray Stewart is her father.

“Hannah Montana plot hole: Robby Ray Cyrus was Miley Stewart’s dad. We know this because Rico goes to their house and says, ‘Miley and Jackson, I need to talk to your dad because my grandma’s a big fan of old, washed-up country singers. Can I please have his autograph?’ Common knowledge that the old country singer is Robby Ray … is Miley and Jackson’s dad,” explains kylieklunder, breaking down moments on the show that openly indicated Hannah Montana’s secret was not so secret.

“Fast forward to the Jonas Brothers episode,” she goes on to say in the video. “The Jonas Brothers say, ‘Oh, my gosh. You’re Robby Ray, you write all the songs.’ And Hannah Montana says, ‘Yup, my dad, Robby Ray, the old country singer, writes all the songs.’”

Kylieklunder then references an episode in which Hannah Montana wins a major award and it’s presented to her by her dad: “Robby Ray says, ‘I’m so excited to give this to my daughter because I won it so many years ago.’ Robby Ray, the famous country singer, was both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana’s dad, and nobody ever put it together!”

Who knew that after nine years off the air, we’d still be learning new things about Hannah Montana? What a gift.