13 TikToks About The Funny, Real Struggle Of Returning To An Office

People got used to working from home, and they're making amusing videos about what it's like to go back.
That face on the left? We've all made it.
That face on the left? We've all made it.

This summer, more companies are recalling employees back to the office after months and months of remote work because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are not happy about this change. The majority of workers in the U.S. would prefer to work from home at least some of the time, according to one survey.

Some professionals who’ve gotten used to working from the comfort of their own homes are channeling their frustration, dread and anxiety about going back to the office into funny TikToks for all to commiserate with.

Here are some of the things people on TikTok will miss most about working from home:

Skipping Out On Corporate Bureaucracy

Showering At Odd Hours

Living Like A ‘Bridge Troll’

Belting Out Songs In Peace

Not Having To Wear Corporate Outfits


When you gotta go back to the office & wear real clothes 😭 #TikTokGGT #wfhproblems #wfhlife #robelife4life

♬ original sound - Alexia Croffet

Not Having To Share A Bathroom


The veRY IDEA of going back to the office makes me gassy 😤 #fyp #wfh #office #officelife #funny #rant #foryou #MakeItMagical #lol #comedy

♬ original sound - CHeck

Taking Leisurely Breaks Without Anyone Noticing

Not Having To Commute

Work-From-Home Co-Workers

Not Getting To Work Where They Want

Before You Go

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