Tila Tequila Doing Well After Rehab: Reportedly Recovering From Eating Disorder & Drug Addiction

When reality star Tila Tequila headed off for a monthlong stay at a Florida rehab center, she wasn't just dealing with drug addiction but an equally deadly eating disorder that left her frail and rail-thin, reports RadarOnline.

Earlier this year, the 30-year-old was hospitalized following a reported brain aneurysm and drug overdose that nearly killed her.

Sources say the overdose wasn't accidental. According to TMZ, Tila's roommate told police that Tila had "tried to kill herself all week." Following her hospitalization, the former MTV reality star agreed to enter rehab for substance abuse and treatment for other psychological issues -- which we now know to be an eating disorder.

"Tila is a really small girl to begin with so she usually weighs around 100 pounds, but at the height of her sickness she was down to around 75 pounds," a source close to Tila told RadarOnline. "She began to realize she had a problem when she started to see her bones protruding from her body. It really scared her."

But there's good news for the former MySpace queen: Tila was able to gain most of her weight back while in rehab, according to the source, who observes, "It's still an everyday battle for [Tila], but at least she's sober and healthy."

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