Tila Tequila Flashes Nipple, Claims Engagement To Troubled Heiress Casey Johnson (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Internet fameball and former reality show "star" Tila Tequila flashed some nipple and showed off a comically large engagement ring on the red carpet Tuesday night.

Along with fiancee Casey Johnson (the Johnson & Johnson heiress out on bail for robbery and worse), Tila went to the Famous Stars and Straps 10th Anniversary and Snoop Dogg 10th Album Release.

She wore a sheer top that repeatedly crept below her left nipple and mandated lots of tugging, while intermittently kissing a whacked-out looking Casey.

Tila and Casey recently announced their engagement:

"Tonight, my beautiful girlfriend has just asked me to marry her and check out this rock," a lingerie-clad Tila declared in an UStream video with her now-fiancée. "Bam! That is a 17-carat diamond ring from my baby."

Below the slideshow is some video of Tila and Casey slamming Courteney Semel and then Semel smack talking Casey.



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