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Tilda Swinton Donates Over $2,000 To Russian Gay Activist Alexey Davydov's Funeral

Actress Tilda Swinton has donated a sizable amount of money in order to help cover the costs of the funeral of Alexei Davydov, a prominent Russian LGBT activist who died last week.

Swinton reportedly donated over $2,000 in order to curtail the cost of Davydov's burial through an online donation service generated by leading LGBT Russian activist Nikolai Alexeyev. A representative for Swinton confirmed that the Academy Award-winning actress had made the donation to The Huffington Post Sept. 30.

Previously, Alexeyev hade made note of Swinton's donation via Twitter:

Swinton is one of many actors and performers who have remained outspokenly critical of the Kremlin in wake of extreme anti-gay sentiment, violence, and legislation institutionalized within the political and social climate of the former Soviet Union. Swinton defied Russia's anti-gay "propaganda" law earlier this year by waving a rainbow flag in front of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Check out the photo below:

Alexeyev reportedly also thanked all donors who contributed to covering the costs of Davydov's funeral, stating, “Thanks to all who took part in this generous civil act… Alexey was a hero and now he will have a fitting funeral. I am pleased we were able to help in our small way but all the credit belongs to the generous donors and Alexey’s brave activist friends.”


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