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Tile App May Finally Help You Find Your Keys Once And For All (VIDEO)

The answer may be in your phone. If you can find it.

There's nothing worse than tearing up the house looking for your lost keys/phone/wallet when you're running out the door. (We've all been there.) But before you vow to throw everything out or downsize to a tiny home so this doesn't continue to happen to you, check out the Tile app, which just may be the coolest little invention ever.

This super tiny device can be attached to any item you're in the habit of losing around the house. An app on your phone will allow you to hunt down your stuff, as long as it's within a 150-foot radius. (It's an app, not a miracle worker.) Your phone will display a signal as you get closer to that misplaced set of keys. You can even activate the Tile to ring when you really don't have time to waste, sort of like the panic button on your car keys.

That's not even the best part. When other Tile users are near your lost item, their phones will discreetly send a signal to the Tile cloud system, letting your scatterbrained self know where you left your goods. Cool, right? Check out the site to learn how you can order one of your own, and watch the video above to learn more.

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