Tillamook Cheese'wich App Lets You Put Your Face On A Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Just when I thought nobody would ever invent anything that would allow me to see what my face would look like burnt onto a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese maker Tillamook went ahead and invented a Facebook app that does just that.

The Tillamook Cheese'wich App for Facebook allows users to grill an impression of their face onto a grilled cheese sandwich. After you take a photo on your webcam or choose one from your computer or a Facebook album, the app "grills" the photo right onto the top piece of the sandwich bread. After the Facebook app has rendered your face onto the bread, you can then adjust photo placement, sandwich placement, tone and "burn" of the grilled cheese sandwich photo and then post your grilled cheese sandwich face on your Facebook wall.

Below, in what is surely the highlight of my journalistic career, is a gallery of famous people whose faces I put on grilled cheese sandwiches. If you want to put your own face on a grilled cheese sandwich, or if you want to grill celebrity faces onto bread and make up cheese puns for their names, head on over to the Tillamook Cheese'wich Facebook app and follow the simple instructions. Enjoy:

Grilled Cheese Faces Of Note