Tillman The Skateboarding Dog Rolls Out 'Bark In The Park' Fundraiser

If you thought Huffington Post was going to the dogs, you were exactly right. But these dogs are special.

Tillman, the world famous skateboarding dog, rolled into Huffington Post Media Group's new headquarters this week, and he brought his extreme puppy posse for a tail-waggin' good time.

We hate to disappoint Huffpost critics who think the site is more about gawking at adorable kittens. Tillman, hardly a cat, was burying a bone for animal protection.

Tillman is teaming up with Natural Balance Pet Food and the New York Mets for a Bark in the Park event, in which pet owners will fill a section of Citi Field. The entire profit of the dog ticket and a portion of the human ticket will go to benefit the North Shore Animal League, which is the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world.

Hapless Met fans who have seen their team play like dogs all April will find this fundraiser oddly appropriate. At least on Saturday, it will be going to a good cause.