Tilted Kilt Employees File Sexual Harassment Lawsuit In Chicago (VIDEO)

Nineteen employees at the Celtic-themed "breastaurant" Tilted Kilt's Chicago Loop location on Wednesday filed a lawsuit claiming that the eatery's bar manager sexually harassed them.

The lawsuit [PDF] contains disturbing details of incidents that allegedly occurred between the manager, the location's owners and their scantily-clad staff at the restaurant, located at 17 N. Wabash Ave.

"There were requests for sex," Roth told CBS. "There were degrading comments that were made. Something that no woman should have to put up with anywhere, let alone by their manager in the workforce."

The women claim they had to work in a "sexually hostile, offensive, humiliating and degrading" environment, where, among the 30 incidents outlined in the lawsuit, the location's manager and owners made comments such as "Meow, meow, you're a dirty kitty" and "You don't know what I'd like to do to you" to the employees. Women who spoke out against these remarks allegedly were given less busy shifts, the Tribune reports.

The manager and many of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit no longer work at that specific Tilted Kilt location, according to the Tribune.

A company spokeswoman said in a statement that Tilted Kilt "does not tolerate sexual or other types of harassment either within its own organization or within its franchisees’ organizations" and pointed out that the company utilizes a franchise model where each location is independently owned and operated, NBC Chicago reports.

The chain is no stranger to controversy in its Chicago-area operations. When the chain opened in suburban Schaumburg, it was met with complaints from several area residents, including one who said "men that come in there want more than just hot wings."

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