Tim Allen Reveals 'The Santa Clause' Was Originally A Lot Darker

In the initial script, Santa's death was no accident.

Tim Allen says that the initial script for “The Santa Clause” was a little more morbid than what appears in the final film.

“I actually shot and killed Santa in the original movie,” the comedian told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s “The Tonight Show.”

The 1994 Christmas classic begins with Allen’s character, Scott Calvin, startling Santa Claus, causing him to fall off the roof and die. Calvin must then take over duties as Santa. But the original script had Calvin shooting Santa on purpose because he thought the jolly old fellow was a burglar.

The “Toy Story 4” star said the then-head of Disney nixed the homicidal scene, saying, “We can’t start a Disney movie with you murdering Santa.”

While that sounds like a fair point, Allen noted it seemed a little hypocritical, given that Disney has no problem killing off “all the parents” in its other movies.