Tim Daly: Interview With The New Co-President Of The Creative Coalition

Back in the middle of August, it was announced that Emmy-nominated actor had been named co-president of the Creative Coalition. He joins the other co-president, Tony Goldwyn, in pursuit of the Coalition's mission: raising awareness and nurturing our First Amendment freedoms through the vital support of public education and arts advocacy. At the time of Daly's appointment, he stated:

"No one has discussed arts advocacy since the early primary season and that's shameful...Years of federal funding cuts to arts programs threaten an entire generation from achieving their potential. I want to ensure that both party's political platforms have planks that reverse this decline and restore the nation's arts programs."

The Creative Coalition has planned events and advocacy at both the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions. Here in Denver, Daly sat down with videographer-about-town Liz Glover for an exclusive interview, in which he answers the tough questions, like if the Creative Coalition isn't really a massively well-funded foreign intelligence agency. The answers may surprise you!