Tim DeChristopher Discusses Jail, Family In Interview (VIDEO)

"I've been prepared to deal with these consequences for a while now," Tim DeChristopher said in a 2010 interview with Juliana Schatz. This past Tuesday, the environmental activist was sentenced to two years in prison for failing to pay for his bids at a lease auction of Utah public lands.

Schatz recently posted her interview, created with additional reporting by Reilly Capps. In the video, DeChristopher discussed his thoughts on going to prison.

He said that activists who have gone to jail for civil disobedience advised him, "When you make a conscious choice that going to prison is worth it, if you go there with a sense of intention, a sense of purpose -- if you can hold on to that sense of purpose, you know that it was your choice to be there, and that makes it a lot easier to do the time."

He admitted in the interview that despite his mother's support, his father has strongly opposed DeChristopher's actions, believing that the law is always just. Meanwhile, DeChristopher feels that "The law is created by those in power to serve themselves."


Juliana Schatz is a freelance multimedia journalist based in Philadelphia and New York. She reports on public health, Latin America and the environment. Previously she was the associate producer for Kirk Documentary Group, an independent film company in Boston. Follow Juliana on Twitter or Google+.

Additional reporting by Reilly Capps.

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