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Immigration Hardliner's Testicles Praised In Ad Aimed At Latinos

A Tea Party candidate known for his tough stance on illegal immigration has found a Hispanic to endorse him.

Cradling a lapdog named Tequila in her arms, singer-actress María Conchita Alonso praised the size of California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s testicles in a bilingual ad posted to YouTube Monday aimed at boosting Latino support for the immigration hardliner.

Donnelly began his back-and-forth with Alonso with an appeal to small-government conservatism.

You know, politicians and big government are killing our prosperity. They’re driving businesses out of our state, pushing welfare costs through the roof, and driving our schools into the ground.

Alonso translates the statement as “estamos bien jodidos” -- “we're really screwed” -- then makes a sad face.

Donnelly notes that in North Dakota McDonald’s is hiring workers at $15 per hour, with a signing bonus, and says he could raise the wage to $20 per hour by reducing the size of government bureaucracy.

McDonald’s offers high wages and signing bonuses to workers in the sparsely populated state of North Dakota because an oil boom there has boosted the economy, leading to a labor shortage.

Donnelly then launches into a series of issues, touching on the second amendment and Hollywood, saying he wants “a gun in every Californian’s gun safe” and to make “California the sexiest place on the planet to do business.”

Rather than translating, Alonso says in Spanish: “He has really big ones” -- referring to his testicles -- “and he is angry.”

A Cuban-born, Venezuelan-raised, U.S. citizen, Alonso is known in Venezuela as a vocal critic of the leftwing former President Hugo Chávez, who died last year.

The Los Angeles Times describes Donnelly as a “vehement activist against illegal immigration” who led an attempt to repeal a state law that allows undocumented college students to use state financial aid programs.

Donnelly also has a reputation as a social conservative. He said he would pull his son out of public school last year after the state passed a law allowing transgender students to use the restroom and locker room of their choice, according to the Associated Press.

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