13 Times Tim Duncan Was Low Key The Funniest Guy In The Room

Even when he's not even trying he's hilarious.

Tim Duncan is known for being understated, not super hilarious. And that's exactly why it's time we take a moment to appreciate the San Antonio Spurs veteran's comedic genius.

Don't let Duncan's lack of facial expressions fool you: The man might have the best sense of humor in the NBA. And even when he's not trying, he might just be the funniest guy in the room anyway.

Like when he gave the worst dap of all time.
When he did whatever this is.
When he had the best reaction to getting pranked.
And when he laughed so hard he got ejected.
When he videobombed an interview without changing his facial expression.
When he wore the same outfit for 20 years.
When he hated the flavor of this Gatorade.
And when he went straight "Thug Life" on this guy's hat.
When he knocked over a plant because he was SO excited.
When he realized he had arms for the first time.
When he flipped the bird with no facial expression.
And when he did show emotion, he looked like this.
Never change, Timmy.

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