The Gay Young Adult Audiobook Of The Summer Is A Must-Listen

Tim Federle's The Great American Whatever is delightful on the ears.

Tim Federle knows a thing or two about storytelling in a variety of mediums.

Prior to establishing himself as an indelible voice in middle-grade and young adult literature, the award-winning author of Better Nate Than Ever and Five, Six, Seven, Nate! performed in the Broadway productions of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "The Little Mermaid," among other musicals. So it's no surprise that Federle's wit and self-deprecating humor are just as delightful on his self-narrated audiobooks as they are on the page.

In the exclusive video above, the 36-year-old explains his passion for the form in celebration of Audiobook Month in June. 

"They tell a story that moves you, entertains you and also gives you a different point of view than you're able to sometimes have reading the text yourself," Federle, who produced the video as part of "A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes," a new initiative spurred by the Audio Publishers Association, says in the clip. 

In fact, the author says the experience of recording his debut audiobook for 2013's Better Nate Than Ever changed his approach to writing his subsequent books, including 2016's The Great American Whatever, his first foray into young adult fiction. Both novels feature gay protagonists at varying stages of self-discovery and acceptance. 

"I've come to really respect the narrated word and what it feels like to get told a story personally in my ears," Federle, who listens to audiobooks often when he's getting ready in the morning, says. "It's a very intimate thing, actually."

You can listen to a snippet of The Great American Whatever audiobook below.

Now there's really no excuse for not picking up a book by your favorite author this summer (you can find a few great suggestions here). Grab an audiobook and get listening! 



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